New Database Gives State-by-State Round Up of Immigration Laws

In recent years states have been enacting a rash of new laws addressing immigration issues that affect foreigners and U.S. citizens alike.

In response, the Migration Policy Institute has created a free, searchable data base ofall immigration-related bills and resolutions introduced in state legislatures.

The State Responses to Immigration database classifies information by state, region, subject area, legislative type, and bill status.  For example, you can search the status of enforcement initiatives introduced in a state, compare the number of bills regulating employment, or evaluate the passage rate of health-related bills across the nation.

The database is a joint project of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and a research team at the New York University School of Law (NYU).

The site reports that it has posted 2007 legislation and will add data for 2008, in addition to 2001-2006 data, in the coming months.

Other groups which have tracked state efforts to regulate immigration issues include the National Conference on State Legislatures. For information on this group’s efforts see our article here.

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