H-1B Holders: Employer Not Paying the Prevailing Wage? Take Action!

Employers are required by law to pay H-1B holders at minimum the prevailing wage for their job. Unfortunately, unscrupulous employers can be quite creative in avoiding this obligation.  

H-1B holders, though, do not have to endure such exploitation. They have rights. H-1B holders can force their employers to pay up without risking their nonimmigrant status in the United States.

How can you enforce your rights against exploitative employers?

Employee rights attorney Michael Brown at the law firm of Peterson, Berk & Cross in Wisconsin has written a few tips for H-1B holders who are being underpaid and want to do something about it.

In his blog article, Employee Tip: If You’re an H-1B Worker Being Underpaid Wages, Consider These Things, he describes your rights, actions to take now to preserve your rights, and your options for pursuing a claim against the employer.

For more information about H-1B rights, please visit the blog H-1B Legal Rights at www.h1blegalrights.com.


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