H-1B Lottery Scheduled For Next Week

The H-1B lottery for FY 2009 is expected to start next week, USCIS announced.

Using a computer-generated random selection process, USCIS will start with the 20,000 petitions under the advanced degree exemption. Those petitions not selected under the advanced degree exemption will join the lottery for the regular 65,000 cap.

USCIS received almost 163,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period ending on April 7, 2008. More than 31,200 of those were for the advanced degree exemption, according to USCIS.

These numbers are up from last year’s preliminary figures, when USCIS reported receiving 133,000 filings, overall within the first two days of the April 1, the opening day of the filing season for the upcoming fiscal year.

In addition, unlike this year, the advanced degree cap was not immediately reached last year, with 12,989 being filed in connection with the opening-day rush.

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