Status Update Available March 30 For Processing Of Employment-Based Green Cards Under New USCIS Policy On Pending FBI Name Checks

February 21, 2008

USCIS has moved up the date to March 30, 2008 for seeking status updates on employment-based green card cases that may be eligible for processing in light of the change in policy regarding pending FBI name checks, according to AILA.

Previously, USCIS had said it would need until April 30, 2008 to sweep its files and identify cases subject to processing in light of the new policy. AILA is reporting now, however, that USCIS service centers say they will accept requests on status updates for employment-based cases effective March 30, 2008.

USCIS has made available to AILA a series of questions and answers regarding this new policy and its implementation that we have posted here.

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